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"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is even more true for moving pictures. Watch our videos to learn more about the why and how of Adfil synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement.


  • An introduction to Adfil Construction Fibres

  • Internal Sales Training

  • Short guide to installing fibre concrete on Beam & Block floors

  • CPD Taster on Fibre Reinforced Concrete

  • Dry Batch Micro Concrete Mixing Guide

  • Dry Batch Macro Concrete Mixing Guide

  • Dry Batch Micro & Macro Concrete Mixing Guide

  • Concrete Placing & Finishing Guide

  • Conveyor Loose Steel Fibre Batching

  • Hand Loose Steel Fibre Batching

Examples flooring

Durus synthetic macro fibres have proven their performance in concrete floors around the world. The videos below explain how Durus facilitates fast construction whilst optimizing the result of the finished job:

NHBC Approved House Floors

  • Durus EasyFinish in SCC & Flowing Concrete for Housing Oversites

  • Durus Easy Finish in Slump Concrete for Housing Oversites

  • Adfil SF86 steel fibres in SCC & Flowing Concrete

  • General overview


  • Impact testing Durus EasyFinish

  • Impact test RWTH Aachen:
    Adfil fibre reinforced concrete vs. unreinforced concrete

Online Training

  • Adfil Online Training Course by Mark Mitchell

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3