Synthetic macro fibres

macro synthetic fibres.jpg

Durus EasyFinish Durus EasyShot Durus S500

Optimized speed of construction and improved durability of reinforced concrete surfaces: these are just two of the benefits which this synthetic macro fibre provides when used to replace steel-mesh reinforcement.

Our latest synthetic Adfil macro fibre innovation. The safe and simple to apply concrete reinforcement has been developed for the application in shotcrete. With this polypropylene fibre, the risk of incorrect placement and corrosion of the reinforcement are things of the past. At the same time the post-crack ductility of concrete linings is significantly increased.

Made of polypropylene Durus S500 has been proven to be a valid alternative to steel rebar in the manufacture of precast cement elements. This reinforcement not only maximizes yield, but also contributes to improved workplace safety and a long service life of precast concrete.