Fibrillated Fibres: Crackstop F

fibrillated micro synthetic fibres.jpg

Known under the brand name Crackstop F, polypropylene Adfil micro synthetic fibrillated fibres meet and exceed the requirements stated vis-à-vis high performance concrete reinforcement solutions. Not only do they minimize the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking and plastic settlement. But they also enhance the surface properties, as well as extend the service life of the finished concrete structure.

Each Crackstop fibre type has been developed and manufactured to provide optimum performance for each individual construction need. The fibres are cut into different lengths with various thickness. Special coatings are added to the fibre within the production process to optimize dispersion and bond within the concrete. As do all Adfil fibres, our range of fibrillated fibres delivers a number of benefits over steel reinforcement. Examples include economic savings, environmental sustainability, logistical benefits, as well as improved health and safety conditions on site.


  • Improved resistance to abrasion
  • Enhanced impact resistance
  • Reduced plastic settlement
  • Minimized bleeding


  • Increased speed of construction thanks to ease of use
  • Minimizes need of manual handling
  • Low inventory space required
  • Improved safety on site
  • Excellent durability (high alkali, acid and salt resistance, no corrosion)
  • Environmental benefits: Substantial CO2 savings
  • No wear of concrete equipment


Indoor floors
Hard standings
Extruded concrete
Road barriers 

Leaflet Crackstop F synthetic micro fibre