Macro synthetic fibres

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Adfil polypropylene macro synthetic fibres are marketed under the brand name Durus. They have revolutionized structural concrete construction. Durus macro synthetic fibres eliminate the need for steel mesh or fibres in a large number of applications. They deliver superior performance, cost savings, as well as health and safety advantages. As a result, Durus is the preferred concrete reinforcement solution of concrete suppliers, as well as engineers, designers and contractors around the globe.


Depending on the application, Durus fibres are available in varying lengths ranging from 30mm up to 55mm. The reinforcement portfolio is complemented by a great degree of flexibility with regards to packaging. Durus macro synthetic fibers can be supplied in bags, boxes, as well as in drums. Up to one tonne of fibers can be packed on a pallet, keeping freight costs to a minimum.


Fibres are also extremely easy to handle. Steel mesh can be misplaced, with a dramatic impact on quality and production schedules, particularly where it has to be repositioned prior to the concrete pour. Durus cannot be misplaced, eliminating such problems. Also, unlike steel, Durus is not affected by atmospheric conditions, the alkali environment found in concrete or the presence of moisture: All fundamental causes of corrosion/rusting. This will offer clients the reassurance that projects using Durus will have long-term integrity.

Macro synthetic fibres need less storage space than alternative products such as steel reinforcement. The biggest advantage in many projects however are the time savings Durus facilitates. There is no time-consuming placing of steel mesh before pouring the concrete. And in today's construction world, saving time means saving money. 



  • Increased flexural toughness of the concrete 
  • Enhanced impact resistance
  • Extended service life
  • Increased ductility
  • Potential for increased joint spacing



  • Easy to transport, store and handle
  • Chemically inert and stable 
  • Maximum design freedom 
  • CO2 emission savings 
  • No wear-out of equipment 
  • Increased speed of construction combined with improved safety on site




Durus S400

Product leaflet macro synthetic concrete reinforcement fibre Durus S400 
Mixing Instructions Durus S400


Durus S500

Product leaflet macro synthetic concrete reinforcement fibre Durus S500 


Durus EasyFinish

Product leaflet macro synthetic concrete reinforcement fibre Durus EasyFinish