Press Release Jan. 2016


New fibre raises the bar for synthetic concrete reinforcement

Zele (Belgium), 31 January 2016 – Bonar, a leading producer and supplier of high-quality construction products, today announced the launch of an innovative concrete reinforcement fibre, significantly outperforming conventional products. Branded Durus S500, the new fibre is characterized by its enhanced bond within concrete, supplemented by even further improved e-modulus, meeting the requirements of the most demanding end-uses, whilst maximizing construction speed.

“Macro synthetic fibres continue to gain popularity over steel mesh or steel fibre reinforced concrete solutions. Amongst other advantages, this is because of their ease of use, safety benefits and chemical inertness,” said Jeroen Smet, Product Manager of Bonar’s Adfil Construction Fibre Business. “We have embraced this trend and are continually exploring ways to develop our product range further and come up with the best fibre available in the market. With the launch of Durus S500 we have taken a major step forward.”

Fibre design

Durus S500 offers unsurpassed flexural strength and toughness in the concrete. Key differentiators over traditional macro synthetic fibres include: a further optimized surface embossment, as well as an innovative fibre shape. Both of which contribute to improved performance of the fibre within the concrete. “Most traditional synthetic fibres are round shaped, flat or rope filaments. Durus S500 however, features an elongated design. Its shape not only maximizes the specific surface area of the fibre, but also facilitates a greater retention of its mechanical properties during processing,” explained Smet.

Product testing

Throughout the development of Durus S500 a lot of focus was on optimal workability of the fibre in concrete, combined with maximum force transmission. “In total, more than 200 beam tests have been carried out at accredited external laboratories,” Smet said. “This has allowed us to engineer the fibre, step by step, to deliver the intended performance and generated a lot of additional know-how.” 


According to company representatives, development of Durus S500 was enabled and accompanied by investment in a new manufacturing line. “The concrete construction market represents one of our strategic growth segments” said Tom Winters, Global Business Leader. “As such, our Group has invested substantial financial and R&D resources in the development of the new fibre, whilst at the same time increasing capacity, in line with our growth ambitions. Durus S500 will strengthen our position in its relevant market segments.” The new fibre can be ordered as of this week. “We are pleased to be able to offer yet another high performance structural concrete reinforcement solution.  At the same time, I am convinced that a lot of potential still lies ahead of us, as innovation will continue to be up high on our agenda.” Smet added.

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