Press Release June 2019

Durus Easyshot Concrete Reinforcement Being Tested At Hagerbach Versuchsstollen

Zele (Belgium), 30 April 2019 – Adfil today announced the launch of a new synthetic macro fibre based on an innovative polymer architecture. Marketed under the brand name Durus EasyShot, the new product provides significantly improved reinforcement in sprayed concrete.  

Durus EasyShot 50, for which a patent has been filed, is the result of more than two years of research and development work. Typical end-uses include tunnel linings. The new product therefore will be presented for the first time at the World Tunnel Congress. This industry event will be held at Naples, Italy from 3 to 9 May.

“We are excited about the introduction of our new macro fibre and convinced that it will set a new benchmark for reinforced shotcrete”, said Product Manager Jeroen Smet. Durus EasyShot 50 has been tested in Switzerland at the Hagerbach Test Gallery. This underground facility has specialized in trialling of new materials for tunnelling and mining. “The results are more than convincing. Durus EasyShot is outperforming both existing steel and synthetic fibres. Tensile strength and modulus are 20 to 30 percent higher. This means that a lower dosage is required to obtain the same high reinforcement performance. Or that the same dosage will create more durable concrete, thus extending the service life of the finished structure.”

While the geometry is similar to other Adfil macro fibres, what makes the new product unique are a polymer architecture and fibre length specifically tailored to the application in shotcrete. Smet: “In addition to the improved mechanical properties of each individual fibre, Durus EasyShot 50 also provides enhanced workability in fresh concrete. The shorter the fibres and the more regular their shape, the more easily the reinforcement can be mixed into the concrete. This leads to a more homogenous distribution of the reinforcement throughout the whole volume of the concrete and ensures consistently high performance in each part of the structure.”

The Adfil Technical Sales and Product Management Team will be working closely with industry partners to have the new fibre specified for upcoming projects.

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concrete spray test with durus easyshot reinforcement
Concrete spray test with Durus EasyShot 50 at
Hagerbach Versuchsstollen

synthetic macro fibre durus easyshot 50
Synthetic macro fibre Durus EasyShot 50