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With Durus EasyShot macro fibres applied in mining, there is no longer any need to compromise on in-cycle shotcreting safety or any doubt about the reliability of your ground-supporting shotcrete over time. Especially when application speed is of the essence.

Fibre reinforced shotcrete using Durus EasyShot takes away the risk and ups output times, whilst allowing for faster returns to extraction.

The dangerous and laborious technique of placing mesh onto unsupported rock mass is now a thing of the past. Durus EasyShot structural synthetic fibres have been widely used in mines right around the world for more than a decade. They have had a direct impact on the increased safety and profitability of mining operations.

Advantages and benefits

  • Improved safety for mining personnel
  • Increased speed of shotcrete application
  • Ease of usage
  • Reliability over time
  • Proven solution worldwide

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