Track slabs

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Concrete track slab designs are a ballast-free alternative to conventional wood or concrete sleeper construction. Adfil fibre-reinforced concrete facilitates fast construction and keeps maintenance low for light rail in urban streets or railway tunnels.

One product : three functions
Track slabs reinforced with Durus macro-synthetic fibres perform as effectively as concrete sleepers. In this specific end-use, macro fibre reinforced concrete (SMFRC) fulfils three functions. It distributes lateral forces across the width of the track slab. At the same time, SMFRC provides the bending strength required to prevent rail-roll. And in the longitudinal direction, the fibre reinforced concrete track slab designs form the supporting structure, in place of track ballast.

Fast construction 
Replacing steel in reinforced concrete slab track design with structural synthetic fibres reduces the cost and complexity of construction. Laying steel rebar is time-consuming. More often than not track slabs are made up of many sections where steel rebar or mesh will need to be cut and fixed manually. A major risk for contractors and project owners alike: steel reinforcement can be misplaced. Not so when Durus EasyFinish macro-synthetic fibres are applied. This reinforcement comes homogeneously mixed into the concrete. Large and small areas of concrete can be poured without the need to negotiate steel mesh.

Rustproof concrete reinforcement 
Also, steel reinforcement can cause unwanted conductivity from the rail to the ground. This can corrode the steel rails, shortening the service life of the finished structure. Durus macro-synthetic fibres fully eliminate this problem in track slab designs. They are made from polypropylene, which is non-conductive.

Synthetic micro fibres
To maximize the durability of the finished concrete surface, we advise additionally using Crackstop M. These monofilament synthetic micro fibres further enhance the impact resistance of concrete track slabs. At the same time, plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking are significantly reduced.

Advantages during construction

  • Ease of installation
  • Reinforced concrete can be poured directly into place
  • Significantly faster construction than with steel reinforcement
  • Crack inducers are simple to install
  • Suitable for application in track slabs with drainage holes

Benefits after completion

  • Makes for outstanding long-term durability of track slabs
  • Improved impact and abrasion resistance
  • Prevents electrical conductivity
  • Track slab designs incorporating drainage holes can be vegetated

Application leaflet concrete track slabs using macro fibres

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