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The Adfil range of high performance concrete reinforcement products includes macro and micro synthetic fibres for the application in concrete flood walls. Since these fibres are made of polypropylene, the replacement of welded steel mesh with Durus EasyFinish means there is no more corrosion in reinforced concrete structures for stormwater management.

Ease of handling
Where a cofferdam is required for construction, the importation of welded steel mesh reinforcement to the construction site can be difficult due to restricted working areas. This challenge can be overcome by using synthetic fibre reinforcement when building spillways for rivers, dykes and levees.

Impact resistant concrete
Add Crackstop micro fibres to optimise the durability of spillways and reduce spalling, even under constant contact with water. Crackstop enhances the abrasion resistance of reinforced concrete structures by up to 60 %. Testing has shown that the surface’s impact resistance can even be more than doubled when this micro synthetic fibre reinforcement is applied.

Extended lifespan
Crackstop also reduces the permeability of reinforced-concrete structures. This puts an end to the occurrence of deep plastic-shrinkage cracks. This is an important consideration with regard to the ingress of water into the concrete structure, which can lead to accelerated damage and a shortened service life of spillways and other flood walls.

Fast construction
With Durus EasyFinish and Crackstop synthetic fibres ready mixed into the concrete on delivery, construction speed is significantly increased. An increasingly important benefit of fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC): a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions compared to steel reinforced concrete structures.

Design service
If you are considering the use of Adfil macro our micro synthetic fibres in your next concrete flood wall construction, feel free to request a free design proposal. This will not only include all the required calculations, but also present the savings that can be achieved by replacing steel with fibre reinforcement for your specific job. Contact the Adfil team today to build your reinforced concrete flood wall more durably and more cost effectively.

Advantages during construction

  • Free design service available
  • Ease of construction: No more spacers required between reinforcement layers
  • Eliminates the need for storing and placing steel mesh reinforcement
  • Improved construction site safety
  • Guaranteed accuracy of installation: Reinforcement cannot be incorrectly placed
  • No wear on equipment

Benefits after completion

  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Reduces the permeability of concrete structures
  • Improved abrasion, impact and freeze-thaw resistance
  • Extended service life of reinforced concrete structures
  • Embodied carbon dioxide (CO2) savings when compared with steel

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