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With Durus EasyFinish macro fibres, specifications for steel-reinforced concrete pavements can be redesigned to incorporate synthetic fibre reinforcement. In many cases, thinner concrete slabs can be specified using a hybrid design with macro synthetic fibres.

Reliable performance
Durus EasyFinish concrete reinforcement cannot rust or corrode. It is ideal for application in external areas, eliminating the need for traditional steel mesh. The macro fibres are uniformly distributed throughout the concrete mix to ensure consistent and reliable performance in the hardened concrete. This avoids the possibility of misplacing the reinforcement. In addition to reinforced concrete pavements, Durus EasyFinish can be applied in hard standings, agricultural roadways, car parks and domestic driveways.

Fast installation
With Durus EasyFinish concrete reinforcement there is no more need to handle, cut and place steel mesh. This maintains an efficient work program even on busy sites and results in more efficient installation. In addition to time savings, health & safety hazards associated with the handling of steel are also avoided.

Corrosion-free concrete reinforcement
The replacement of steel mesh reinforcement with Durus EasyFinish synthetic macro fibres eliminates the risk of steel corrosion resulting from exposure to de-icing salts from car tyres. This leads to an extended service life of the reinforced concrete pavement topping, which is a major advantage also in areas where the acidic nature of stored or handled material represents a threat. In contrast to steel reinforcement, insufficient concrete cover is not a factor as the fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) can be easily pumped into position.

Durable concrete surfaces
The addition of Crackstop monofilament or fibrillated synthetic micro fibres to the concrete mix optimizes the abrasion resistance of the finished concrete pavement. And the fibres reduce plastic shrinkage cracking and improve the freeze/thaw resistance of the concrete surface.

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Advantages during construction

  • Large areas can be poured without having to negotiate steel mesh
  • Direct discharge into formwork reduces construction time
  • Enhanced safety with no steel handling
  • Significant savings on the cost of traditional reinforcement
  • Substantial CO2 savings when compared with steel

Benefits after completion

  • 3D reinforcement
  • 100% rust and corrosion-free concrete reinforcement
  • Substantial savings in embedded carbon
  • Improved durability of finished reinforced concrete pavement
  • Design performance maintained for heavy traffic

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