Concrete Indoor Floors

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Made to create durable reinforced concrete floors, Adfil macro fibres are a proven alternative to steel rebar. Added to the mix already at the plant or on site and evenly distributed throughout the concrete, these polypropylene fibres provide not only two-, but three-dimensional reinforcement.

Durable concrete floors
Durus EasyFinish has been developed with the application requirements of FRC in flooring systems in mind. This synthetic fibre optimizes the mechanical properties of concrete in indoor floors and creates high-quality surfaces fit for heavy use.

Crack control 
What happens without such reinforcement even before the concrete has hardened? Subjecting industrial floor slabs and other internal concrete floors to external forces can lead to the deterioration of the concrete and reduce future performance. Climatic conditions, such as excessive temperatures or cross winds, lead to the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks. These cracks occur when excessive bleed water is allowed to evaporate from the surface due to inadequate curing. Not so when Durus EasyFinish concrete reinforcement is incorporated. Concrete using Durus EasyFinish macro fibres is more flexible and has a greater resistance to plastic shrinkage cracking.

Durable concrete surfaces 
The best result is achieved in reinforced concrete floors when Durus EasyFinish is combined with Crackstop micro synthetic fibres. Daily abrasion from the like of forklift trucks leads to continuous wear on surfaces and joints. Crackstop synthetic concrete reinforcement improves the abrasion and impact resistance of the concrete. This ensures a long service life for indoor concrete floors.

Ease of use 
It's faster and easier to add Adfil macro and micro fibres to ready-mix concrete than to place steel mesh. Fresh fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC) can be placed directly from the truck mixer and reaches restricted areas through a pump. The risk of reinforcement being placed incorrectly is eliminated as it is contained within the concrete at the correct dosage to ensure the required performance.

Jobsite safety
Major health and safety hazards associated with the handling, cutting and fixing of steel rebar are eliminated. At the same time, embedded carbon is significantly reduced when compared to conventional steel mesh construction.

Free design service
Are you thinking of using Durus EasyFinish and/ or Crackstop in your next reinforced-concrete floor project? Our experienced team of engineers and concrete technologists is here to prepare a free design proposal for you. Click here to read more…

Advantages during construction

  • Easy to handle, mix and place
  • Increased construction speed
  • Improved site safety
  • Reduced labour costs

Benefits after completion

  • Improved impact resistance
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to plastic shrinkage and settlement cracks
  • Reduced bleeding
  • 100% rust-free reinforcement


Brochure: Durus EasyFinish concrete reinforcement in floors and pressure layers

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