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Outdoor concrete will be subjected to the worst that nature has to offer. But also to varying degrees of harsh treatment from users. Whether it's commercial, industrial or residential hard standings, external concrete will encounter destructive forces over its entire design life. More often than not these forces lead to its early and costly deterioration, shortening its service life. Adfil synthetic fibres offer a solution to these challenges: they improve the ability of concrete to resist the negative effects prevalent in many climatic conditions already during placement.

Simple usage 
Durus EasyFinish high-performance macro fibres are a proven alternative to steel crack-control mesh. They provide three-dimensional secondary reinforcement: Synthetic macro fibre reinforcement is distributed evenly throughout the entire volume of the concrete. This concrete reinforcement cannot be incorrectly placed. As such, synthetic fibres reduce or even entirely prevent plastic shrinkage cracking, thus maximizing structural performance. This leads to an improved durability as well as extended life span of the finished concrete.

No risk of corrosion
Typical end-uses include hardstandings at anaerobic digester plants. For facility owners the installation of fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC) avoids the risk of corrosion followed by spalling due to the acidic liquids from stored organic material.

CO2 emission savings
An additional benefit of the use of macro fibre to replace conventional steel mesh reinforcement is that embodied carbon dioxide is greatly reduced. A major plus point for the sustainability credentials of concrete hardstandings.

Durable concrete surfaces
A combination of Durus EasyFinish macro fibres with Crackstop micro synthetic fibres helps concrete to withstand impact and abrasion forces. Thanks to the addition of Crackstop, air entrainment is not needed to provide the concrete surface with frost protection and improve durability. And Crackstop also greatly improves the freeze-thaw resistance of the finished hardstandings.

Advantages during construction

  • Improved construction-site safety:
    No more trip and fall incidents
  • Increased construction speed:’
    No more time-consuming placing and fixing of steel mesh
  • No risk of misplacement
  • Labour cost savings

Benefits after completion

  • Rust and corrosion-free 3D reinforcement
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Reduced permeability of the hardened concrete
  • Enhanced resistance to plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks
  • Improved freeze-thaw resistance
  • CO2 savings when compared with steel


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