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Construction time, cost and embedded carbon are crucial parameters in the development of residential housing construction. To this end, fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is enjoying increasing popularity amongst designers, contractors and project owners. The beam and block floors of thousands of housing oversite projects have been built using Durus synthetic macro fibre reinforcement.

Durable concrete reinforcement
More often than not Durus EasyFinish can replace traditional steel mesh reinforcement in concrete floor construction. The synthetic macro fibre can be ready mixed into a designated grade of concrete to provide reliable reinforcement throughout the entire service life of the finished structure.

3 kg/m³ of macro fibres
Three-dimensional Durus EasyFinish reinforced concrete has obtained approval from the NHBC via BBA third party testing for beam & block flooring systems with only 3 kg/m³. With this dosage, it is the most competitive reinforcing solution available today for concrete beam and block floors. BBA and KIWA certificates are available to confirm compliance with relevant construction standards. Leading floor system companies have Adfil polypropylene fibres including Durus EasyFinish on their certificates.

No more placing & fixing of steel mesh
Self-compacting or slump concrete reinforced with this macro synthetic fibre can be poured directly onto the flooring system. There is no requirement to place and fix steel mesh. This significantly reduces construction time. Associated health & safety risks in the handling of steel are eliminated.

High-quality concrete surfaces
The finishing of the concrete is easily achieved with Durus EasyFinish reinforcement. It is shorter than most alternative fibres, which creates a high-quality concrete surface. Sustainability credentials are greatly improved as embedded carbon can be significantly reduced by replacing steel fibre or
mesh with this lightweight polypropylene fibre.

Free design service
The packaging has been optimized by including a pallet cover for each delivery. Durus EasyFinish has had beam tests carried out for different dosages in accordance with EN 14651. Adfil Engineers can deliver a project-specific design calculation covered by professional indemnity insurance for your project.

Advantages during construction

  • Reinforcement comes ready mixed into the concrete
  • Saves time and money
  • Safer for workers to use than steel
  • Reduces the risk of failure from incorrect steel mesh positioning

Benefits after completion

  • 100 % corrosion-free reinforcement
  • Creates durable, high quality concrete floors with great impact resistance
  • Reduces the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking

See also this video showing how Durus EasyFinish enhances the impact resistance of concrete:


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