Ready-mix concrete

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BBA Certified, NHBC approved Durus EasyFinish synthetic fibre reinforcement for Beam & Block flooring systems: Build durable concrete floors faster and more cost efficiently than with steel mesh.

Plastic shrinkage cracking in the concrete surface of hard-standings? With Adfil macro and micro fibre-reinforced concrete a thing of the past.

When it comes to completing high quality contracts with extruded concrete, the application of Crackstop micro fibre reinforced concrete has become a widely accepted practice.

Durus EasyFinish polypropylene fibers have proven to outperform steel mesh reinforcement in indoor concrete floors. Take advantage of increased speed of construction and construction site safety with your next flooring job.

Reinforced concrete pavements – built with synthetic fibre reinforcement to last. Save time and money whilst reducing embodied carbon dioxide by replacing steel-mesh reinforcement with Durus EasyFinish macro fibres.

Replacing steel bar with our synthetic macro fibre reinforcement reduces the cost and complexity of installing the track slab. Unwanted conductivity from the rail to the ground is avoided, maximizing the service life of the finished structure.

Meet relevant guidelines relevant guidelines for coastal construction by adding our macro and micro fibre reinforcement to your marine concrete mix. The replacement of steel reinforcement reduces time of construction whilst improving the durability of the concrete surface.

With our polypropylene Durus EasyFinish synthetic macro fibres, steel mesh reinforcement no longer needs to be installed. Read how you can take advantage of economic, aesthetic and environmental benefits.