Segmental linings

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When it comes to producing durable precast segmental linings cost-efficiently, fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) using Durus S500 polypropylene macro fibres is the preferred choice of segmental lining producers around the globe. FRC optimizes the mechanical response of precast tunnel segments. The structural use of the material has been regulated by national codes and by the Model Code 2010.

Lightweight concrete reinforcement 
Full FRC and hybrid designs will reduce or even completely eliminate the amount of steel reinforcement in precast segmental lining elements. This saves production costs of concrete for underground construction and cuts weight. It's also safer for employees than using steel mesh.

Economical solution
Typically one out of six precast segmental lining elements break during handling or transport. Adding fibre-reinforcement to the concrete mix design enhances their ductility and impact resistance. There can be significant savings with less material wasted and reduced waiting time on site.

Proven performance
From full-scale testing, fiber reinforced concrete based on Durus S500 has been proven to be a valid alternative to steel reinforcement. Without needing to change the existing mix design and without effecting the desired workability, Durus S500 has been shown to exceed requirements. It outperformed the results of 30 kg of high performance steel fibre.

Rustproof and durable
Durus synthetic macro fibres are manufactured with an expected service life in excess of 100 years. As the fibres are made from polypropylene the product is chemically inert and does not corrode. It will maintain performance even when larger crack widths occur. The fibres are not affected by water intrusion. For maximum impact and abrasion resistance, Crackstop micro fibers are added to the concrete mix.

Advantages during production

  • Process efficiency and cost savings
  • Facilitates the production of lighter elements
  • Safer to handle and de-mould
  • Creates high-quality concrete surface finishes

Benefits after completion

  • Consistent 3D reinforcement throughout the whole concrete unit
  • Enhanced durability of precast segmental linings
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Significant CO2 savings when compared with steel reinforcement


Application leaflet segmental linings using macro fibres 

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