Road barriers

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Concrete is a brittle material. By including synthetic fibre reinforcement in precast concrete road barriers their ductility and impact resistance can be significantly enhanced.

Performance testing
Tests conducted with the University of Hasselt (Belgium) have shown: Fibres are an effective way of decreasing or avoiding the shattering of brittle concrete, and enhancing the impact resistance of finished precast elements.

Crack control
In addition, Durus S500 macro fibres combined with Crackstop monofilament or fibrillated micro synthetic fibres create a post-crack behaviour which greatly improves the energy absorption of the concrete. This improves the effectiveness and durability of concrete road barriers.

Getting in touch with the Adfil team
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Advantages and benefits

  • Increased ductility
  • Enhanced energy absorption
  • Reduces the shattering of concrete road barriers on impact
  • Improved durability
  • Optimized post-crack behaviour
  • Enhanced freeze-thaw resistance

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