Precast slabs

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More often than not, load-bearing concrete foundations require reinforcement. Replacing steel mesh with synthetic fibres is increasingly popular amongst designers and contractors alike.

Three-dimensional concrete reinforcement 
Durus S500 macro fibres are more flexible to work with than traditional steel mesh reinforcement in foundations. Fibre reinforcement comes consistently mixed throughout the full volume of the concrete. It can be easily applied even on complex shapes, thin sections, or areas of the foundation which are hard to reach. By creating a uniform 3D reinforcement in concrete they efficiently redistribute the tensile forces induced into the concrete.

Supplement to steel mesh
Hybrid designs where Durus S500 polypropylene fibres are combined with steel rebar reduce the amount of steel required. They allow the concrete to flow more freely through the steel matrix, maintaining the strength of the concrete structure.

Alternative to steel 
In many foundation designs, Durus S500 macro synthetic fibres can even fully eliminate the minimum required steel mesh. Where cracks occur, they will work over the full surface, creating long-term high residual strength.

Free design support
Are you considering designing or building your next foundation with Adfil synthetic fibres? Our engineers and concrete technologists are here to help. Contact us today to receive a free design proposal.

Advantages during production

  • Easier to store and handle than steel
  • Faster installation
  • Cost-effective foundation reinforcement
  • Eliminates the risk of trips, falls and cuts associated with the use of steel

Benefits after completion

  • Cannot be misplaced: consistent high performance
  • More cost efficient
  • Increased service life
  • Chemically inert, 100% rust-free foundation reinforcement

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