L-shaped elements

adfil durus easycast macro fibres added to reinforce precast l-shaped concrete elements.jpg

Using steel reinforcement when producing precast L-shaped elements can be time consuming. Distance holders can collapse during filling of the moulds, causing waste. Durus S500 macro synthetic fibres can fully replace steel in precast reinforced concrete, including L-shaped elements up to 1 m high.

The great ease of use of this reinforcement significantly increases the manufacturing facility's yield. The fibres are added to the aggregate or pan mixer. The fibre-reinforced concrete is then poured directly into the mould. Durus S500 comes with a professional indemnity (PI) insured design based on the performance of the fibre in specific concrete mixes. Precast reinforced concrete beams can be tested for residual flexural strength in our laboratory.

Contact the Adfil team today to discuss how Durus S500 can increase the efficiency of our production process whilst enhancing the quality of the finished precast concrete elements.

Advantages and benefits

  • Lower production costs
  • Increased yield
  • Easy to process
  • Enhanced post-crack behaviour of precast reinforced concrete
  • Improved impact resistance

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