Precast concrete

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Segmental linings Foundations Precast slabs L-shaped elements Counterweigths Road barriers

With our high-performance synthetic macro and micro concrete reinforcement fibres, the design, production and erection of precast segmental lining elements is fast, safe and durable.

Concrete foundations distribute the loads of buildings over large areas. When foundation designs require reinforcement, our polypropylene fibres often outperform steel mesh.

Precast concrete slabs are a quick and effective alternative to conventional flooring systems avoiding costly on-site concrete pours. An end-use where our macro and monofilament micro fibres are widely applied.

In reinforced soil-retaining concrete elements, providing 100% corrosion-free reinforcement is amongst the key benefits that our polypropylene macro fibres deliver. This significantly enhances the durability of L-shaped precast concrete elements.

Cost effective, durable and impact resistant counterweights – take advantage of our proven fibre reinforcement. Lower product costs whilst increasing the service life of precast concrete counterweights.

Apply fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) using our state-of-the-art macro and micro fibres. Fibre reinforcement helps road barriers absorb crash impact during collisions and reduces shattering.