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Ready-mix concrete Precast concrete Sprayed concrete

Reinforcing concrete beam and block floors and other concrete structures with steel mesh is labour intensive and time consuming. For ease of construction and the creation of durable concrete surfaces replace steel with our macro and micro synthetic fibre reinforcement.

Fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is the preferred choice of an increasing number of producers of precast concrete elements. Applying Adfil polypropylene fibre reinforcement increases manufacturing efficiency and eliminates the safety risks associated with the use of steel mesh.

Macro-synthetic fibre-reinforced shotcrete (MSFRS) containing Durus macro fibres minimises the wear and tear on pump and slick lines. Rebound during spraying is reduced and the long-term properties of the finished concrete improved. And our range of micro-synthetic fibres includes Ignis, a fibre which avoids explosive spalling of concrete in the event of a fire.