Precast Concrete

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Concrete is a very versatile product. When constructed using precast technology the options are endless. As a result, precast concrete products today are used in a wide range of ways. And yet the risk of shrinkage cracks poses a challenge to manufacturers and is a concern to planners and end-users.

One option to address these concerns is the application of steel concrete reinforcement. However, its use is labour intensive and can increase the risk of accidents on site. There is a lot of wasted steel mesh and a lot of storage space is required for this bulky product.

Not so for Adfil synthetic fibers - a proven concrete reinforcement solution delivering significant advantages over steel products. No expensive labour is required for handling, cutting and placing the three-dimensional reinforcement. Adfil synthetic fibers are very lightweight and easy to add to concrete. At the same time, sharp edges protruding at the surface of the concrete causing injury are a thing of the past. Moreover, Adfil synthetic fibers comply with the highest reinforcement requirements and significantly increase the durability of precast concrete elements.


  • Improved post-crack residual flexural strength
  • Enhanced quality of the cast surface finish
  • Reduced ocurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking
  • Ensures the correct positioning of reinforcement throughout the concrete
  • Provides passive fire resistance by reducing explosive spalling (Ignis)
  • Significant time and cost savings over steel reinforcement
    (quicker casting of elements, reduction in post-cast remidiation, less man power required, more efficient use of production facilities)

Short Guide

Adfil Short Guide Precast Applications

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