Marine Concrete

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Marine concrete is subject to some of the harshest conditions on the planet, usually in the most critical of applications. Not only does the concrete face chemical attack from seawater. But it is also affected by continual impact from waves and the abrasive action of wave born sand and shingle with the ebb and flow of the tide. This impact and abrasion can be very severe leading to spalling of the concrete and corrosion of conventional reinforcement such as steel. Eventually this will result in structural failure. Not so with Adfil conrete reinforcement fibers!

When added to the concrete mix, Adfil synthetic fibers help concrete withstand those forces. Synthetic macro and micro synthetic fibers are chemically inert and provide a three-dimensional secondary reinforcement system. Applied as an alternative to crack control mesh the fibers enhance the reliability of the concrete structure and significantly extend the life span of marine concrete.


  • Improved resistance to freezing and thawing
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Faster construction
  • Labour cost savings
  • Reduced permeability

Case Studies

West Rhyl Coastal Defence | North Wales (UK) | Durus 400

Short Guides

Adfil Short Guide Marine & Coastal Applications
Adfil Short Guide Ports & Docks

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