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Adfil macro synthetic fibres have been developed to replace conventional crack control mesh. They deliver a three-dimensional secondary reinforcement system thus improving the mechanical properties of concrete.

What happens without such reinforcement? Even before the concrete has hardened subjecting industrial floor slabs to external forces can lead to a reduction in the quality of the concrete and its future performance. Climatic conditions, such as excessive temperatures or cross winds, lead to the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks. These cracks occur when excessive bleed water is allowed to evaporate from the surface due to inadequate curing. Plastic shrinkage cracks often penetrate the entire depth of the slab. Impact and abrasion to concrete will be a daily occurrence with the likes of forklift trucks continuously wearing surfaces and impacting on joints. 

Therefore, it is advisable to consider inclusion of Adfil micro and macro synthetic fibres in your next project. Used on construction sites around the world they are a proven alternative to conventional steel reinforcement; delivering not only safety and environmental, but also economic advantages.


  • Improved impact resistance
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to plastic shrinkage and settlement cracks
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Increased construction speed
  • Improved safety on site
  • Reduced labor costs

Case Studies

Steel Store | North Whales (UK) | Durus S300

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