External Hardstandings

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External concrete will be subjected to the worst that nature has to offer. But also to varying degrees of harsh treatment from users. Whether it's commercial, industrial or residential hard standings, external concrete will, over its design life, encounter destructive forces. More often than not these forces lead to its early and costly deterioration.

Adfil synthetic fibres offer a solution to these challenges: They improve the ability of concrete to resist the negative effects prevalent in many climatic conditions already during placement. These high-performance fibres are a proven alternative to steel crack-control mesh and provide three-dimensional secondary reinforcement. As such, the fibres reduce or even entirely prevent plastic shrinkage cracking. This leads to an improved durability as well as extended life span of the finished concrete. In its hardened state, a combination of Adfil micro and macro synthetic fibres helps concrete to withstand impact and abrasion forces. The same applies to damage caused by cycles of freezing and thawing.



  • Improved resistance to freezing and thawing
  • Enhanced resistance to plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Reduced permeability
  • Increased speed of construction
  • Cost savings (e.g. labour costs)
  • Fibres will not rust or corrode

Case Studies

Regional Bus Depot | Kent (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT
Digester Plant | Norfolk (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT
Geopost Distribution Depot | Exeter (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT
West Meadows Waste Recycling | Derby (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT
Biogen Biogas Generation Facility | Warwickshire (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT
DPD Distribution Centre | Hinckley (UK) | Fibrin XT
Hucknall Waste Recycling Centre | Nottingham (UK) | Durus 400 & Fibrin XT

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