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BBA Certified, NHBC approved Adfil synthetic fibre reinforcement for Beam & Block flooring systems: Build durable concrete floors faster and more cost efficiently than with steel mesh.

Save time and money when building your next barn, grain store or other agricultural project using Adfil high performance polypropylene fibres.

Adfil synthetic fibres can help you reduce construction time whilst increasing safety on site.

With Adfil synthetic fibre reinforcement, plastic shrinkage cracks in extruded concrete are a thing of the past.

Are you looking for a reinforcement solution that could extend the service life of your internal floor? Adfil synthetic fibres will do the job. 

Our engineered fibers protect marine concrete from structural failure due to chemical attacks from seawater and continual impact from waves or the ebb and flow of the tide.

Use Adfil construction fibres to maximize cementitious material bonding for renders and plasters and avoid stresses leading to hairline cracks.

Adfil synthetic fibres will help you optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process and performance of the finished precast concrete product.

Reliable crack control throughout the lifespan of screeds with easy-to-use Adfil polypropylene fibres.

Reduce rebound of concrete. With synthetic Adfil construction fibres applied in the mix, more concrete projected on the surface will remain in position.  

Passive fire protection and crack control in one – these and more benefits come with Adfil fibres engineered for concrete reinforcement in tunneling.