About Adfil

Adfil stands for over three decades of experience in the development and application of synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement. Serving the construction industry in over 60 countries, Adfil high-performance fibres are used in a wide range of applications. Examples include: concrete floors, pattern imprinted concrete, precast concrete products and tunneling.

Why Adfil?

On construction sites around the world, Adfil synthetic fibre reinforcement is gaining popularity over steel mesh and steel fibres. The main reasons for this are that the blend of micro and macro synthetic fibres offers:

  • Increased speed of construction
  • Improved safety on site
  • A reduction in carbon footprint
  • Ease of use
  • Asset longevity

Each micro and macro synthetic fibre type in the Adfil product portfolio has been developed and manufactured to provide optimum performance for each individual construction need. In addition to our regular fibres, we have the flexibility to produce synthetic construction fibres to our customers’ own design requirements.

Fibres are packed in measured quantities in either:

  • Paper degradable bags
  • Plastic bags
  • Bulk boxes of various sizes
  • Jumbo sacks

Backed by broad expertise and knowledge of the Construction Industry, we are here to supply you with bespoke solutions in terms of engineered proposals, concrete mix designs, packaging configurations, and high standards of distribution.


Independent laboratories support the high performance of Adfil macro and micro synthetic fibres. Manufactured on state-of-the art production lines, all fibres comply to EN 14889 – 2 :2006 (EC Certificate of Conformity). In addition, a substantial portion of Adfil products are approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Our technologically advanced manufacturing plants operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, as well as with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.


Our Team

Working with Adfil means working with a dedicated team of engineers who love what they do: Adding life to concrete!

The major part of our Design and Sales team consists of true pioneers in the field of synthetic fibre reinforced concrete reinforcement.

Our R&D and Product Managers bring with them a wealth of expertise in the development of high-performance construction products for the most demanding end-uses. Additionally, our Customer Service team is set up to meet and exceed the expectations of our international customer base.

Both internally, with our customers and other external stakeholders, our way of working is determined by four corporate key values:

  • Freedom to operate
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Open communication

We are your Partners in Performance!


Our engineers and concrete construction specialists are active members or support the work of various industry organizations, associations or their committees such as:

  • Concrete Society including working Group 11 (part of the committee writing European standard EN 14889, part two)
  • International Tunneling Association – ITAtech Working Groups


Continuous improvement of our products and processes are vital elements of our growth strategy. We pursue this strategy in close collaboration with our customers as our partners. As such, we invest significant resources in R&D and the execution of a thorough innovation program complying with existing and anticipated needs of the concrete construction market. Each fibre is tested extensively, both internally and externally, at independent laboratories. The latest product, which has come through from our innovation agenda is Durus S500 – a macro synthetic fibre, which features a new design and delivers unsurpassed concrete reinforcement for the most demanding end-uses, including tunneling. Learn more about Durus S500…


We aim to engineer, manufacture and supply concrete reinforcement solutions, which help to improve the world in which we live. We are committed to the three main elements of sustainable development – economic, social and environment impact. We are aware of our responsibilities and therefore develop solutions to ensure that both the environment and the quality of people’s lives are protected. To this end, Adfil macro and micro synthetic fibres allow the construction of building projects to be undertaken safely and rapidly with reduced waste and reduced impact on local communities.


For the Adfil team, Health and Safety are core values. This is because we know that to be seen as one of the best companies in the markets we serve requires that we manage our Health & Safety performance at a level recognized as “best in class.” For several years now Adfil has set a goal of zero accidents. We have made good progress against this goal, as we continuously improve our overall Health & Safety Culture.

Both our micro and macro synthetic fibres offer not only technical benefits to the concrete. But the fibres themselves are safer than alternative concrete reinforcement solutions. Not only are they easier to handle in the concrete production process. But also in the hardened concrete they contribute to a safe site environment.


Our customers are our partners. We aim to make you even more successful by closely aligning ourselves with you and together developing concrete solutions that meet and exceed expectations. We maintain strong relationships with Specifiers and Contractors confirming that Adfil is the ideal partner to provide bespoke fibre solutions.

Our partners see us being a Company that adds value. We aspire to be more than a fibre supplier. We are committed to support our partners’ projects from concept through to completion. The presence of Adfil products in the Construction Industry has never been stronger and our portfolio of high performance fibres is still growing. When will you partner with us?